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The Kidney Foundation of Canada

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Since its creation in 1964, The Kidney Foundation has helped millions of Canadians suffering from kidney failure and related disorders; fundraising campaigns have allowed it to contribute over $115 million to research, and to provide services to individuals living with chronic kidney disease and related conditions.

Two of their programs are Kidney Car and Kidney Clothes, both donation options support The Kidney Foundation.

Kidney Car

If the time has come for you or a loved one to “hang up the keys”, please consider Kidney Car.  – we’re here to help. Call 1-866-788-CARS(2277) or visit KIDNEYCAR.CA.
Kidney Car is a unique donation program developed by The Kidney Foundation of Canada that provides the traditional “feel good” rewards of giving, but also offers a tangible solution to an everyday problem. Every Kidney Car provides the owner with a minimum $300 tax receipt, the car is towed for FREE and picked up for you…no fuss, a simple phone call and you are helping others! 

Each year, thousands of Canadian seniors make their cars Kidney Cars. The donated cars are either recycled or resold as is, or – in some rare cases they may be auctioned, explains Kidney Car Manager David Cybulski.  “Donors receive a charitable tax receipt for a minimum of $300, but often higher depending on the condition of the car,” says Cybulski. Cars are towed free of charge, usually within 48 hours, by one of our reputable Kidney Car partners.
We’re here to help. Call 1-866-788-CARS(2277) or visit KIDNEYCAR.CA.

Kidney Clothes

If your drawers are overflowing and your closets are in chaos, it might be time to consider a donation to Kidney Clothes. We will turn your used clothing donation into much needed funds for kidney research and educational programs that help fight kidney disease. 
Kidney Clothes invites you to donate all cloth-based items including
  • all gently used clothing
  • footwear and outerwear
  • belts, ties and purses
  • yarn, fabric and patterns
  • blankets, bedding and linens
  • draperies, pillows and cushions
  • luggage and sleeping bags 

Donating is easy – Just call 1-800-414-3484 and Kidney Clothes will pick it up!

Visit us at kidneyclothes.ca

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