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What is Amintro?

Amintro is where grown-ups come to make new friends. We are not a dating site!
Amintro believes in the old-fashioned power of simple friendship; the value of a good chat, the joy of a shared laugh, the comfort of someone who listens, and the fun of spending time with like-minded people.

Amintro has a robust and committed Canadian team whose members believe that good old-fashioned platonic friendships are priceless.

One of the most common bonds of friendship is similar experiences. That’s why Amintro helps Canadians aged 50+ connect with people who have similar experiences and similar interests.

As a social enterprise, Amintro is uniquely designed to inspire you with great ideas on how to create an exciting and social future with your new friends.

Connect with confidence online, then head out to explore your local community with your new friends; start a knitting class together; dine and travel far and wide; and much more.

Amintro is easy to use and is exclusively available to adults ages 50+.

Sign up for a FREE membership to get started. Go to https://app.amintro.com/Account/Register

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