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Now we wanted to share some of our AMAZING articles of many of course (we have published over 625 to date…hard to believe but true!)

We have heard that people like to read about things that make them feel good and inspired. So here you go!

Below are links to 10 popular articles that are meant to be ‘feel good’ articles. If you read each one, they can certainly help to reinforce that getting older can be getting better, it’s about body, mind, soul and YOU!

Enjoy and let us know which one you like the most! And please share this email with your family and friends and you will be sending them some ‘feel good’ vibes.

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Humour, Laughter and Living Longer 

Focus on the Important Things 

What Is Old? 

Never Too Old To Make Your Dreams Come True 

Awareness verses Mindfulness

3 Ways to Keep Going and Nurture Your Soul 

Growing Old with Love (special guest Adam Sandler) 

3 Things You Can Do Everyday to Have an Amazing Day 

18 Reasons Why Getting Older is Fun 

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p.s. here is a bonus one for those “in the mood”

Is There Sex in Your Seventies: You Betcha! 

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