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If I Need Help

Preferred Not For Profit Partner of Seniors Lifestyle Care

If I Need Help is a Not-For-Profit company offering its products internationally offering products to assist if a loved one wanders off.  If I Need Help assists many people and families including seniors. 
Help For Our Loved Ones Who May Wander or Need Assistance! We Help Reunite those who might become lost, disoriented or need assistance in a critical moment with their Families, Loved ones, and Caregivers using new and existing technologies in ways that are practical, easy to access and affordable. 
How If I Need Help Works
  • Become a free member
  • Create a profile, This can be changed in real time when needed
  • Have special person wear or carry the ID patch, pins, clips, ID cards, shoe tags, or other ID products
  • When lost, the code can be scanned by a smartphone/tablet or the number associated with the code can be entered manually into the home page of If I Need Help to access the contact information
  • The profile and emergency Q&A can be printed or emailed to searchers
  • The Caregiver has total control of all Special Needs Registry and Emergency Q&A information and only enters or updates what they are comfortable entering.

If I Need Help is proud to offer Seniors Lifestyle Care Premium members 15% of any purchases made on their website www.ifineedhelp.org 

Contact Info:
Phone: 661.524.6732

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