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Salt Life Cave & Spa

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What is a Salt Cave?

Well…. Salt Life Cave & Spa has helped many seniors and caregivers improve their wellness in a drug free way including:

  • relieving stress
  • improving sleep
  • reducing symptoms of breathing issues
  • minimizing overall aches & pains and more

Learn about the available services & their benefits here

We are a Holistic Theapy Centre providing Speleo/Halotherapy for clients with various repiratory problems.  A Salt Cave is a man-made replica of a underground natural salt mine/cave. A Healing Salt Cave contains the micro-climate that can be found in a natural underground mine, This induces True Theraputic properties. Salt Caves are 100% natural and drug free treatments. They have been successfully used in Europe for more than 50 years.

A session in the Healing Salt Cave allows the non-invasive and entirely natural supplementation of microelements such as:

Calcium – body resistance, nervous system, bone systems

Iodine     – anti sclerotic effect, normalizes fat transformation  in the body, protects against radiation

Iron         – a cure for anemia, improves muscle strength and concen    tration, reduces susceptibility to infection

Sodium  – supports acidic – alkaline balance in the body, osmotic pressure and cell energetics

Bromine – lowers blood pressure, regulates the nervous system

               Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Selenium, and more…..


The primary acting factor in Halotherapy is dry salt aerosol.  A generator, which by means of mechanical action crushes pharma grade salt grains into small particles, creating dry salt aerosol the size of 1 to 5 micrometers (smaller than particles contained in cigarette smoke).

These small particles of salt are negatively ionized and bear very high kinetic energy.  This way it is guaranteed that it gets into the deepest and smallest parts of the lungs.  Negative ionization of salt increases the efficiency of healing.

Salt aerosol cleanses human airways, like a toothbrush cleans teeth.  It alleviates bronchial inflammation, removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen) and speeds up mucociliary transport.

Seniors Lifestyle Care Premium members will receive their first session in the Salt Cave for FREE!

In addition, to the 1st visit to the salt cave being free. Seniors Lifestyle Care Premium members may enjoy:

5% off a yearly membership AND upon booking your next cave session receive 50% off a infrared sauna OR a hand and foot detox session. 

Not your typical salt cave…call today to book your appointment and give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Located in the wonderful town of Uxbridge, Ontario a short and worthwhile drive from anywhere in Durham Region or the GTA.
Contact Info:
Phone: 289-640-1855
Website site: www.saltlifecave.ca

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