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When you hear moving does your heart start to race?

We know how overwhelming moving is especially when it isn't what you want to do. We also recognize that adult children of seniors, often cannot help them with a move as much as they would like because they have a jam packed life already and sometimes don't live close to their parents. Often, the need to move happens unexpectedly, and we just don't have the emotional strength to make it happen smoothly.

This is where Seniors Lifestyle Care Moves comes in. We have partnered with Senior Moves, who have incredibly moved over 4000 seniors! Safely, effectively and with compassion. We have learned a great deal from them.

At SLC Moves, we work with local service providers such as movers, junk removal, downsizing experts, cleaners, packers and more and co-ordinate an easy end-to-end move for seniors and their families. Take the stress out of moving and contact us today! We can help with a piece of the move or all of it!

Find a realtor

Find a placement adviser (retirement, assisted living or long term care)

Coordinate what is staying with family, going to the new home, being sold or donated

Packers and organizers

Junk removal


Arrange actual move including booking movers, elevators etc

Unpacking, organizing and set up

Submit a request to an SLC Moves Specialist

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